This is the story of the Terenzi family: women and men who have captured the absolute in a drop of perfume, and life in a fragment of wax.

Heritage Unbound

The roots of the Terenzi family are very ancient: in 1400, in Rimini, there lived the noble Gabriele Terenzi, who was passionate about art and alchemy. Over the centuries our family has distinguished itself due to the spirit of its leaders, explorers, and inventors. Like Guglielmo, the founder of the Cereria: a multifaceted man; artist and cavalry officer, musician and poet, tireless in his search for truth and beauty. At his side throughout his life was Bigia, a strong and pragmatic woman. Guglielmo’s passion for perfumes and colognes gave rise to a personal collection, with the extraction of natural essences from his beloved land. He passed on this boundless love to his son Evelino, teaching him the art of olfactory harmony and the techniques of harmonic tension.

Tiziana Terenzi draws its inspiration from the endless research and desire of enclosing emotions through the evocative power of fire and life lived at its fullness. Anniversary, with the stylistic idea of absolute purity, without any artificial adjustment. Luna, along with dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds, nestled in precious glass ampoules, just like the chivalric epic teaches. Luna Star Attar, with its handmade crystal bottle, to contain a perfume nectar with a pleasant and velvety consistency like honey. Luna Star Extrait de Parfum, with the creative flair aiming at new wonderful peaks and designed to preserve refined extracts. Assoluto, with the dreamlike experience of knowledge and magic in the shape of exclusive drops limited to a selected few. Comets, with its floating in the sky and a design enclosing transparencies and color, along with precious golds and the most refined art of Italian jewelry. Each Tiziana Terenzi collection paints a scenario of light, splendor and tales.

Tiziana Terenzi